Just wanted to send a sincere thanks to you and your team. Kids had a Great time this weekend – never left the pool much. Hard Time getting the Temp Normal the past weekend – I set to 80 – but in consistently Crept to 85 and above. Kids and the wife loved it – I found it a little warm. None the less – Great Investment already – Thanks for your assistance and your help in getting us in ahead of your original Deadline!!! Best Regards,

Paul M. Burke

Carolyn and I are extremely pleased with the high level of service you and the whole team have given us, from the initial refurbishment of the old pool when we first bought the house to the professional ongoing support we’ve received ever since. We hadn’t had a swimming pool before so you help, guidance and support have made the complete experience very satisfying. All the best to you, everyone else on the team and to the business as a whole. Cheers

Ron and Carolyn

Dear Wade, Bryan & Staff of Clearwater, The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter would like to say thank-you! When a child is seriouslly ill, dealing with pain and discomfort or coping with treatments and hospital stays, it may seem there is not much to smile about. But fora child whose wish is about to be granted, daily challenges become more bearable, and for many children the anticipation and excitement can have a dramatic effect on their healing. These wishes are as different as every child and are limited only to their imagination. Each wish is important because the child making it may not have a lifetime of tomorrows to make them come true. We will never have to say no a a wish child thanks to the support of people like you! On behalf of Ryan’s family and the Children’s Wish Foundation we would like to say a big thank you to you and your team for making Ryan’s wish come true. Sincerly,

The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada

January 2005 I began noticing my above ground pool needing some significant attention. This was not surprising after 12 years of trouble free usage from June to September each year.
I had always wanted an in-ground pool so rather than repair or replace the above-ground I began communicating/exploring this in-ground option with Wade of Clearwater pools. We spent the month of February and early March communicating and working the option of this in-ground,–size, pool options, etc. to meet the budget I had available.
One thing Wade told me throughout early March 05 was that if I wanted to be swimming in early June, he and his very experienced crew would need to begin late April/early May. We agreed on pool options/size/price and the start time by the end of March 05 and Wade began, on schedule, late April. The in-ground pool was completed by mid-May (the only delay was due to a small snow storm).

There are a number of noteworthy things that I would like to highlight in my dealings with Wade and Clearwater Pools, these past 4 years:
  • Wade is very experienced in building the above and below ground pools in Newfoundland.. During the construction of my pool after the initial excavation Wade ran into significant ground water and by the end of that same day he had a fix in place to allow the water to be managed and to allow the completion of the pool’s concrete floor, on schedule, in the coming days… In Newfoundland you will seldom deal only with sand; rocks/underground cliff/ground water/etc, are to be expected. Wade’s experience allows the systematic resolution of these potential issues.
  • If Wade agrees with you on completion timing and price you can sleep well being assured that he will meet his commitment.
  • I have used Clearwater ( Wade and his family) to commission my pool in the spring, usually around end of May to beat the rush on his time in June, and de-commission in October, to ensure correct winterization of this significant investment. Proper winterization ensures trouble free start-up in the spring.
  • This is a family business and Wade’s wife and two sons are very active in accommodating the needs of their ever growing customer list. The list is growing, I am sure, due to their commitment to schedule and their personal attention to their customers.
One final important item when considering the installation of an in-ground; look at the step in section, it is added cost but in the long run it is very functional, great for seniors and small kids that will be getting in and out of your pool.

I highly recommend this family business and would be only too glad to share other aspects of my experience as you contemplate the installation of a swimming pool from Clearwater Pools.

Harold Kelly

“Thanks so much for setting up our beautiful pool. Thought we would send you a picture of how we finished it…..”

Cathy Randell

Dear Bryan,
It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to express our appreciation for the excellent workmanship that was exercised in the construction of our swimming pool.

When we were ready to find a contractor to do the work, you were the first we contacted. A couple of so-called experienced swimming pool contractors could not even be bothered to return our calls let alone give us estimates, but you were different. You discussed the project with us on a friendly, comfortable and professional basis. Your personal enthusiasm was matched by your consistent and positive alterations that persisted during the course of the project. You were not afraid to make the necessary changes to achieve the right results.

The job started on time and proceeded quickly. Obviously, a lot of time, effort and expertise went into the ordering the materials (especially the pool cover) and transport to the work site. At all times you and your workers behaved in a professional and friendly manner. There were no smoking, and no empty coffee cups and pop cans were discarded in and around the house, a behaviour that was typical of previous hired workers.

The finished project commands an amazing transformation of your ideas and experience into our dream-come-true reality. And visitors to our home cannot escape the wow expression. We are very pleased with the outcome and the relative cost. I have attached a couple of photos for your interest.
Thank you, Bryan, for a job well done. Bravo!

Allan & Debbie

Hi everyone,

First of all, a big thank you for all your help in making Williams wish come true. The pool is installed and the deck is about 90% complete. We really appreciate everyone's hard work. Pool heat pump is set at 82 degrees. If everything goes as planned, the "POOL PARTY" should be Saturday afternoon. Mark your calendar! Looking forward to seeing everyone who helped make William's WISH come true.

Thanks again for making Williams Wish come true!
Have a great day,


Have had our pool from Clearwater Pools since the summer of 2012. Customer Service is next to none. They do our set up in the spring, maintenance all summer and the close up in the early fall. Always there at a moments notice when needed, even for the smallest of things. Great family business and a great business to deal with in general. Love Clearwater Pools!

Carolyn Blackmore

Clearwater pools are always there for us when we need them. Whether its shutting down the pools in the fall, opening in the spring, or getting us parts or chemicals when we really need them they are most helpful, quick, and courteous.

Shane Gardiner - Splash N Putt Resort.

I have no problem giving you guys a good review. My dad started dealing with you many years ago and we have continued ever since. Dad died 35 years ago so it must be 40 years or more since we have been dealing there. You are my GO-TO Guys for any pool related issues or items.

Dave Crosbie

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