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Pool Opening:

Customer's Responsibilities:
  • Fill pool (if required) 
  • Provide a functioning garden hose (within 5 ft of pool) 
  • Provide a live electrical outlet (within 10 ft of pool equipment)
  • Swim and enjoy your pool!
Our Responsibilities:
  • Pump water and debris from cover(s). 
  • Remove, fold and store cover(s), nets, and water bags. 
  • Reinstall jets, lights, ladders, & diving board (if possible.) 
  • Setup water connection on pump, filter, heater, & accessories. 
  • Start system and inspect for leaks or other problems. 
  • Vacuum Pool 
  • Clean water line 
  • Test Pool Water 
  • Balance Pool Water 
  • Brush pool walls and floor 
  • Skim top of pool 
  • Advise customer of any necessary repairs and/or outstanding maintenance issues. 

Pool Maintenance:
  • Vacuum pool* 
  • Clean Water Line 
  • Brush Walls 
  • Skim Pool Surface** 
  • Clean Skimmer Basket(s) 
  • Test Pool Water 
  • Balance Pool Water*** 
  • Equipment Maintenance 
  • Clean Pump Basket(s) 
  • Lubricate Pump O-Ring 
  • Backwash/Clean Filter**** 
  • Lubricate Filter O-Ring(s) 
  • Inspect System & Recommend Service

Pool Closing:

Customer's Responsibilities:
  • Close all gas valves on gas heaters. 
  • Provide a functioning garden hose (within 5 ft of pool) 
  • Provide a live electrical outlet (within 10 ft of pool equipment)
Our Responsibilities:
  • Lower your pool water to proper winterizing level. 
  • Drain all pool lines & install plugs(where necessary) 
  • Protect all skimmers, returns, lights, etc. 
  • Drain all pool equipment & protect from freezing. 
  • Remove ladders (no matter what) and diving board (if possible) 
  • Resolve all outstanding maintenance issues and necessary repairs.

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Clearwater Pools was established in 1989 and assumed management of Triple "S" Pools, continuing a legacy in the swimming pool and hot tub industry which spans over 30 years in St. John's, Newfoundland.

"We offer our above ground swimming pools both round and oval in complete kit packages. As usual, we refuse to bring in low-end swimming pools. If we can't stand behind it we are not selling it!

You will only find premium swimming pool and hot tub products when shopping at Clearwater Pools."

Water testing, chemicals, accessories, toys, games, and most of all… a professional and knowledgeable staff that will help keep your investment in the best possible condition.

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